Acquisitions wizards accomplish the main goal of library acquisitions. Items can be ordered, purchase orders produced, and vendor and fund information updated. Your library can be set up with as many vendors and funds as necessary. SirsiDynix Symphony accumulates totals budgeted, encumbered, and spent. Vendor, fund, and ordering information is updated and available real-time. A variety of reports assists in ordering, claiming, and accounting.

The Acquisitions module uses the interaction of fund, vendor, order, and invoice records to provide your library with the following capabilities. The Acquisitions module allows you to create and track fund accounts, store detailed information on each vendor, order and track materials through receipt, invoice, and payment. Acquisitions information may also be linked with bibliographic and serial control records, if desired.

When placing an order, a fund record representing the budget from which the material is to be purchased and a vendor record representing the source of the material are identified. The material to order is described either by entering vendor-specific information such as a vendor title number in the order record or by linking an existing bibliographic description to the order. If an order is linked to a bibliographic record, materials on order can be searched in the full-text index of either the standard or shadow catalog.

When an order record is complete and marked as “ready,” SirsiDynix Symphony reports can generate a purchase order notice to be sent to the vendor. When receiving materials, the workstation operator may mark each line item as received, or simply enter the full packing list information and have SirsiDynix Symphony receive the individual line items automatically. Invoices may be entered directly into the system. SirsiDynix Symphony matches and accepts payment for all materials or individual line items on order records. Ordered items linked to bibliographic records may then be loaded into the catalog or delivered to a user.


The following wizards can be used to perform a variety of acquisitions functions.

Fund Information and Maintenance Wizards

Order Information and Maintenance Wizards

Vendor Information and Maintenance Wizards

Invoice Information and Maintenance Wizards

Miscellaneous Wizards

The Item Search and Display Wizard, Check Item Status Wizard wizard, and Getting Help and Print Wizard buttons also appear on the toolbar.

Set Properties may display as the first step of some wizards. Click OK to accept the default values.

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