FAQs: Typing Orderline Parts

Where available, use the Parts in Set Gadget to enter volume ranges. If the gadget is not available, you will need to type the parts.

The format of the parts/volumes list is important if you are going to load records into the catalog from order records. It is also important when receiving partial orders. Volumes must be typed according to the following syntax. A range of parts or volumes is described with a percent symbol (%) between the first and last volume number of a sequential range. Gaps in the range are marked by a pound sign (#).

For example:

If you are ordering volumes 1 through 24, volume 26, and volumes 28 through 32, type VOL. 1%24#26#28%32.

Even if one piece is being ordered, if the call number contains an analytic term such as “VOL.” or “NO.,” specify the single part name in the Parts in Set field.

Volume ranges can establish a continuous prefix such as VOL. or PT. to be added to every call number created. Separate items, not in a numbered sequence, are prefaced by a pipe symbol (|) and an “a.”

If you are ordering parts 3A, 3B, and 12F, type PT. 3A|a3B|a12F.

A continuous call number suffix can be generated by adding a pipe symbol (|) and an “s” to the end of the parts list.

If you are ordering volumes 1 through 3 and each is for 2004, you should type VOL. 1%3|s2004.

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