Overdue Notice Report

Use the Overdue Notice (Overdue) report if you want to send overdue notices for all overdue items, regardless of when they became overdue. Results can be sorted by user ID, group ID, user name, or ZIP code. User ID is the default sort. Address labels may also be printed.

This report is on the Circulation tab of reports.

When the library address is included in a notice, the address is drawn from the user record with a user ID which matches the user ID attribute of the appropriate Library policy.

The Overdue Notice report contains the following tabs.

When sorting the overdue notices by ZIP code, you now have the option of dropping the initial sort by library. This option creates batches of overdue notices in ZIP code order, which some libraries use to save on batch mailing costs. If you select sort by ZIP code on the Sorting tab, the Presort by Library check box will appear. Clear the Presort by Library check box, and the notices will be sorted by ZIP code only.

If you choose not to sort by ZIP code, the report sorts by Library first, then by User Name, User ID, or Group ID.

Pipe-delimited Output

If Generate Pipe Delimited Output is selected on the Charge Notice tab, the report creates a pipe-delimited file and places it in the /Rptprint directory with the naming convention of yyyymmdd_internalrptname.pipe. The report log lists the pipe-delimited report file name. This pipe-delimited file can be opened using a third-party application, such as a spreadsheet application.

Sorting selections made within the report are not applied to pipe-delimited files. For example, if you sort the report by ZIP code, the ZIP code sort is not applied to the contents of the pipe-delimited file.

The entries listed in the Brief Entries attribute of the User Address Format wizards are used to supply information for the address fields in the pipe-delimited file. The City/State field (if it is used) is evaluated as one field, not as two separate fields for the city and the state. The report will check user records for the fields listed in the Brief Entries attribute and print only the populated fields in the pipe-delimited output.

Pipe-delimited Key File

The pipe-delimited key file defines each field of the pipe-delimited file for a particular notice.

The following pipe-delimited key file defines the fields for an overdue item notice.

|date|Library name|street|line|city, state|zip|user ID
|User name|street|line|city, state|zip|group ID|
salutation|notice text|call number|item ID|title|author|
date due|price|accrued fine|closing text|

This example shows a pipe-delimited key file for an overdue item notice, and the notice output that is produced from the file.

|Friday, May 12, 2006|Rockerfeller Public Library|123 Main St.||St. Louis, MO|55555|ID: 1234|Mary Patron|1234 Fair Oaks Lane||St Louis, MO|55555|Group ID:|Dear Mary Patron,|”1ST OVERDUE NOTICE” The following Library materials are overdue.Please return them as soon as possible. Thank you. |PS1305 .A2 B53 1985|924-1001|Adventures of Huckleberry Finn : Tom Sawyer’s comrade / Mark Twain ; edited by Walter Blair and Victor Fischer.|Twain, Mark, 1835-1910.|5/5/2006,23:59|$25.00|$.70||


Friday, May 12, 2006
Rockerfeller Public Library
123 Main St.
St Louis, MO
55555 ID: 1234
Mary Patron
1234 Fair Oaks Lane
St Louis, MO

Group ID:

Dear Mary Patron,

The following Library materials are overdue. Please return
them as soon as possible.Thank you.
1 call number:PS1305 .A2 B53 1985 ID:924-1001
Adventures of Huckleberry Finn : Tom Sawyer’s comrade / Mark Twain ;
edited by Walter Blair and Victor Fischer.
Twain, Mark, 1835-1910.
due:5/5/2006,23:59 price:$25.00 accrued fine to date:$.70

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