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Motion Picture Search

This form limits your search to motion picture formats. "Search all" searches the entire catalog record. To search for directors, actors, screenwriters, etc., type a name into the "author" box. You may combine searches by filling out more than one box.

Genre/Form Searches

A search that is particularly important to motion pictures is the genre/form search. To do such a search, type a genre/form term into the genre/form box.

All records for motion pictures in the BYU Library Catalog contain one of the following genre/form terms:

  • Feature films
  • Short films
  • Documentary films
  • Children's films

In addition, records for motion pictures may have a narrower genre/form term, such as comedy films, film noir, silent films, or Star Wars films. For a complete list of available terms, click here.

Foreign Films

If the motion picture was created by a non-U.S. production company, the genre/form term will also include the name of the country of production. This is a good way to find foreign films. For example, Feature films--China, or Short films--Albania. Alternatively, you can just type the name of the country in the genre/form box.

Contextual Navigation Menu