Configuration and Policies


The Configuration and Policy Help topics introduce and explain a variety of essential policies and configuration settings that establish parameters for library activities, workstations, and users in SirsiDynix Symphony, UNIX, and Windows Servers. The system configuration must be set up before the SirsiDynix Symphony Library Management System can be run on the server.

Policies are the tools through which SirsiDynix Symphony administrators configure SirsiDynix Symphony to reflect a library’s policies for access to and accountability for its resources. Through SirsiDynix Symphony’s policy interface, the operating parameters for the system are established and maintained to meet the changing needs of the library. Policies are used to control what actions are permitted and performed by SirsiDynix Symphony, from establishing who can check out what materials to determining how newly-loaded records are indexed. A policy is a way to define a set of controlled vocabulary names that perform the following functions.

Control record interaction
Control fields that appear on wizard windows and in reports
Add statistical categories for sorting lists or notices

For a library to use a policy, the SirsiDynix Symphony administrator must create policy definitions. The policies available for definition depend on the system configuration. A policy definition always contains a name and description and may contain other attributes that control how the policy works.

When naming policies, do not use the names “EMPTY,” “VALID,” or “INVALID” as these names are reserved for computer coding. There are other restrictions for policy names and descriptions. See the individual policy topics for these restrictions.

A policy group is a collection of policies related either by the type of database record using that policy (for example, User, Vendor), or by module (for example, Cataloging, Acquisitions). The General policy group contains policies used by many records and modules.

Policy lists and policy values can be downloaded to files on your workstation. See the Export Policies Helper topic for more information.

Only one user at a time can work with policies. This is a safeguard to prevent users from modifying the same policy at the same time.

The following policy group wizards appear on the Configuration Module toolbar

The Item Search and Display Wizard, Check Item Status Wizard, and Getting Help and Print Wizard buttons also appear on the toolbar.