Notices Helper

The Notices helper appears for reports that create and print notices. Use this helper to create or modify notice text.

To modify existing notice text, do the following.

To create new notice text, do the following.

Note: The language directory must exist on the server before you can create and save notice text to that directory. Contact your system administrator about creating directories on the server.

The report notice files are found in the default /Unicorn/Notices directory.

It is recommended that no formatting, line wrapping, or justification should be attempted when editing notice text. Hard carriage returns should be used at the end of each line so that notice text will display and print consistently.

Notice texts for the various languages are stored in the /Unicorn/Notices/[Language policy name] directories. When notice reports are run, the reports check the Language field in the user records and pull the notice texts from the specified language directories. The translated notice files must be named the same as the files in the /Notices directory so the system will know which notice text to pull for the report. If the notice text or language directory is not found, the report will pull the corresponding notice file from the default /Unicorn/Notices directory.

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