The reports available in SirsiDynix Symphony WorkFlows are designed to improve the functioning of your library. Reports are available for all types of records. The following are only a few of the tasks that you can perform more easily with reports.

Track statistical and management information by counting various staff processes to measure productivity, identifying items which are likely candidates for weeding, or tracking fund information for budgeting
Streamline daily library processes by creating bibliographies, sending overdue notices to users, comparing the catalog shelflist to the items on the shelf, or generating vendor claim lists or orders
Perform housekeeping tasks on the SirsiDynix Symphony system by updating the catalog indexes, changing the status of groups of users, or removing users or items in batches when necessary

SirsiDynix Symphony reports are organized into many general groups, with more specific report types within each group. You can use many reports just as they are, but the power of SirsiDynix Symphony reports is the ability to tailor a basic report to meet your own needs, using the See "Schedule New Reports Wizard".

Once you select a report and tailor it to meet your library’s needs you can schedule it to run immediately or periodically, or save it as a report template to be run later. After a report runs you can print, save, or send the result in one of several different file formats.


The following wizards will help you customize, schedule, and review the SirsiDynix Symphony WorkFlows reports. Look for them on the Reports: Common Tasks toolbar.

The Item Search and Display Wizard, Check Item Status Wizard, and Getting Help button also appear on the toolbar.

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